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Whole School Homework – Bees


Whole School Homework 15.11.17

The Honey Bees Have Arrived


The bees have moved into their new home at the end of our school field. They will bee very quiet over the winter, but start to get buzzy collecting pollen in the spring.

This week, to celebrate the arrival of our own honey bees we would like to create a whole school display about bees. The display will be located in the school reception area so that it is visible for all visitors to enjoy.


Please choose one of the following projects to complete at home and bring ready for the display:


  • Draw a picture of a bee (kS2 can label too)
  • Make a 3D model of a bee
  • Either draw or make flowers that attract bees
  • Make a fact file about bees
  • Make a fact file about the flowers that attract bees
  • Compile interesting mathematical facts about bees
  • Learn to play ‘Flight of the Bumble Bee’ for an assembly
  • …Or something of your choice related to bees


Variety would bee amazing!