The Value for this term is:

What a week!

I can totally understand why children become so tired after a busy week at school – learning new stuff is exhausting!  But it is also hugely rewarding, particularly when the entire Badgemore community go out of their way to support and encourage, as I feel you have this week.  Thank you to everyone who has taken the time to stop and chat, ask how it’s going and share some of their ideas for how to take our lovely school forward.  I do hope to meet more of you at my afternoon tea and coffee mornings next month – check the newletter for dates and times.

I am a blogging novice so this is yet another new adventure for me!  I am hoping that this page will be an informal way of communicating with parents and the wider community, sharing some thoughts and ideas, reminding you about what’s coming up and generally giving you a slightly different angle on life at Badgemore.  When I was at school – which is some time ago now! – the Headteacher was a fairly remote, inaccessible person who turned up to the occassional assembly and summoned you into his or her office for a stern talking-to if you did something wrong.  I can’t even remember the name of my Headteacher from my sixth form in North Yorkshire – I don’t think I ever saw him or her!  Fortunately, times are changing; this week I’ve visited every classroom, spent time on the playground at break and lunchtime and had lunch with the children on Friday.  I have been referred to as ‘Woman of Steel’ by Years 5 and 6 while they were talking about their Superhero topic – does this make me a superhero? – and I have been whisked around the Foundation Stage playground by Summer on the back of a bike.   I am fairly confident that all the children know who I am! 


I have also chatted to parents at the beginning and the end of the day, and hope that I’ve been able to answer some questions for you.  A couple of parents have asked about holidays in term time; latest Dfe guidelines are much stricter about this.  I’ve devised a ‘leave of absence’ form for parents to fill out if you want to take your child out of school for any reason – just ask at the office if you need one.  Please keep the questions and suggestions coming – we all want the best for our children and we can achieve more if we work together. 

I’m looking forward to meeting the future members of our Badgemore community at the Open Morning on Tuesday – our fantastic staff have worked incredibly hard this week to get everything ready.  Fingers crossed for a sunny day!