The Value for this term is:

We Are Young Climate Warriors

Just before half-term, the children agreed that something needed to be done about climate change on our planet…

Hold on what is climate change?

Climate change (or global warming), is the process of our planet heating up. It means big things for people and wildlife around the globe – especially the poorest people who have done least to cause climate change

Weather will become more extreme and unpredictable Things like more rainfall and storms, more droughts and forest fires, shrinking sea ice and rising sea levels.

We need to change … like a chameleon to adapt to our current situation…and that’s what Young Climate Warriors is going to help you with. If we all do the same little things, at the same time, it will feel like we can really make a big change. It’s like teamwork, if we all act together, we can make a big difference.

Each week, Badgemore’s Young Climate Warriors will be set a challenge to make a difference. Click on the icon below to find this week’s challenge:

See the link below to learn more:

Young Climate Warriors – Sign Up for Climate Change Action