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23rd – 28th June, 2014


At the base of a hill, picture a small town resembling a maze made up of hundreds of narrow lanes of homes, shops and temples, many of which are painted pastel blue (a sign of royalty). Looking up from the town, the impressive Bundi Palace looms overhead from it’s location halfway up the hill.  Then at the top is the grand Taragarh Fortress, whose ancient walls trace the summit of the hill, encompassing various hilltop shrines that are used by locals to make daily offerings to the Hindu gods. The view from up here, especially at around sunset, is quite magical.

Bundi’s consists of a mix of Hindus, Muslims and Jains, all of whom appear to live and socialise in harmony. On the other hand, Mark is not getting on so well with his tummy at the moment…one of the hazards of travel in India.