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School Counsellor – Your Child’s Wellbeing

Dear Parents and Guardians,

Although I am no longer able to continue school counselling at the moment, I am available via phone if you would like some support for your child – if you are concerned about their wellbeing and want for us to think together about ways to support them.

During term time, I will be available on Tuesdays between 9:00-10:30am and 1:30-3:00pm. Please email me on or text me on 07958 263829 to let me know you’d like a call, if you let me know your preferred time I’ll do my best to accommodate you, I’ll reply with a time and then call you at the arranged time.

I’m sending out a weekly wellbeing email for all children at school, there may be something that your child would like to do from it. If there is an activity that they particularly like or you feel helps them let me know via the email address above and I’ll try and find similar activities to email you.

Please say hello to your child from me and let them know I’ll see them again when schools re-open. Thank you.

Kind regards,


School Counsellor

Week 1


wellbeing week 1

rugby colouring

mindful exercise

I’m a star

football colouring

colouring 1

colouring 2


Week 2


wellbeing email 2

great memories

One line a day


Week 3


Badgemore wellbeing 3


Week 4


Badgemore well being 4


Week 5


Well being 5


Week 6

Wellbeing email 6


Week 7

well being 7


Week 8

Badgemore Well being email 8


Week 9

Well-being email 9


Week 10

Badgemore Wellbeing Email 10[7441]