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Remembrance Day Poetry

Armistice took place nearly 100 years ago at 11am on 11th November 1918. It is hard for children nowadays to really comprehend the impact those courageous people had on their lives today. Here the children have composed poems in Remembrance.

I Don’t Know

What do I think?

How do I feel?

Why do I live?


What about the fallen?


What did they think?

How did they feel?

Why do they no longer live…?


I don’t know…

I just remember…


By Clara

Colour Version of ‘I Don’t Know’


I refuse…

I refuse to shoot again,

I refuse to fly a plane,

I refuse to kill man or son.

I refuse to hurt a child,

I refuse to plant a bomb,

I refuse to use violence strong or mild.


I refuse to leave or go,

I refuse to be fearless,

I refuse to fight friend or foe.


But I do not refuse to remember.

I remember


By Beatrice

Colour Version of ‘I refuse’