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Norfolk Lakes Day 3

I feel like a parent of 24 children.

One group of my children has asked if they ‘could just stay up another ten minutes to play a little bit more of their game of monopoly’… and they promised they would be quiet.

As a maths teacher and someone who used to ask exactly the same question to my parents, I couldn’t say no. Development of Maths and social skills or tired children tomorrow?

We’re been here for 3 days so what are the children learning? 

Kayaking skills, climbing skills, raft building skills? Yes, yes and yes, but more importantly they are learning life skills.

Your/ our children are learning independent skills, learning to take responsibility for them and learning to live (and cope) with others:

Each morning, the children are waking and dressing themselves, getting themselves to every meal by themselves, selecting their own food, eating appropriately with others, preparing themselves and clothes for the day’s events, tidying their room, meeting on time, listening to vital instructions, cooperating to achieve goals, tidying up activities, washing themselves regularly, drying clothes, preparing themselves for the next activity and so much more!

Parents, please let your child show you how much s/he has learnt and how independent s/he can be!

The Morning Activity, Kayaking:


After lunch, Survival Training, Low Ropes/ Initiative Exercises:

Life at Norfolk Lakes