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This all started when Mrs Handy Side-Lang said we were going to have a cake sale to raise money for our trip – let me tell you, the cakes looked absolutely delicious. She then told us we had raised enough money to go on a trip to the Look Out Discovery Center.

Written by Michael and Tia

First we got onto the coach and started to talk to the people next to us, it was quite fun.It took about an hour to get to the Lookout discovery centre in Bracknell but we did not mind. We saw a lot of cars trees and bushes. When we got off the coach we got to play in the adventure playground, which had a castle in it.

Written by Ollie and Liam

Water Works

As we made our way through the centre all of us stopped at the water works station. It was full of water activities, we all played around and had loads and loads of fun.

Our favourite was the bowl of magic water, if you wet your hands and rub the handles of the bowl, it made the water vibrate and also made a weird noise.

Written by Archie and Ceejay

Lights and vision room

There were lights in the floor for one of the interactions, and you had to stamp your feet on the flashing coloured lights as quickly as you could. It would give you a time limit of about thirty seconds to do it in.

Shadow camera

There was an enclosed area where there was a camera, which took a fake photo at the back the wall. There was a glow in the dark back drop. As you pressed the big red button (never trust big red buttons) you are given five seconds to speedily, get into a position in front of the glow in the dark back drop. It then left your silhouette against the back drop .

Written Amelia and Dulcie

Bug show

After we had eaten our lunches, we went into a room to watch the Bugs and Beasties show. It was really fun because Amelia J dressed up as a giant Wood Ant. Ciara, Ines, Archie, Ollie N, Natalie and Nicolai were volunteers for the food chain explanation. Ciara was the sun, Ines was the leaves, Nicolai was the caterpillar, Natalie was the Wood Ant, Archie was the Woodpecker and Ollie N was the sparrow hawk.

Written by Daisy and Ciara

The Shop

At the start of the day we entered the Look Out Centre and realised there was a gift shop. As we passed the shop we instantly became hooked. As quick as a flash, all of us got our money out and bought lots of awesome toys.

Written by Tobias and Karol