The Value for this term is:

Just £1 plants 1 Tree

At Badgemore, we know that it is very important to teach children about climate change and making a difference to protect our planet. This is why on 22nd November, we are fundraising for JUST ONE TREE. On this day, Pupils and staff will be donating £1 for wearing non-school uniform and taking a small, but valuable step towards saving our planet. In conjunction with and to support this event, we will be holding this term’s plastic-free lunch on 22nd November.

Just One Tree is a non-profit initiative removing CO2 from the atmosphere through global reforestation. They make it simple for everyone to contribute to collective action on the climate crisis.

Just £1 plants 1 Tree

Just One Tree donates to established reforestation partners who concentrate their planting in areas severely affected by mass deforestation. In doing so the children’s money has the greatest positive effect on combatting global warming whilst simultaneously alleviating extreme poverty within impacted communities through training, education and employment.

All schools are being asked to join in a nationwide non-uniform day to mark the start of National Tree Planting Week. Each child brings in a donation of £1 to plant a tree.

The non-uniform day will unite children, parents and teachers across the country, demonstrating how an individual’s actions can have a positive impact on the environment.

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