The Value for this term is:

Internet Safety Week

Our week of learning about the Internet and how to keep safe culminated today in an community assembly presented (and organised) by the children.

Laurel Class (EYFS and Year 1) presented information on what the Internet is shared their pictures:

Dakota and Erin shared afterwards that they had learnt that the Internet is more than a billion computers linked together. Lisa, a Laurel Class parent, added that she had not know that the Internet was not owned by anyone and therefore no one monitored it or controlled what was uploaded – scary!

Maple Class (Year 2) had shared posters to advice other children about the benefits and problems with the Internet.

Beech Class (Year 3 & 4) shared with the community about the recommended time we should play on the Internet and how to stay safe when communicating with people. Isla said,”You have to be careful when sharing online and you should only communicate with people you have met face-to-face.”

Cedar Class (Year 5&6) completely organised and prepared there own part of the assembly with lights, laughter and a whole lot more.

Summer said,”It is always about making the best, most thoughtful choice.”