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Last week saw the start of the Henley Youth it has been a very busy two weeks…!

Maple & Laurel Class

Maple and Laurel Classes took part in a literacy workshop with Jenni Desmond, author and illustrator of ‘Red Cat Blue Cat’.  They also visited the Kenton Theatre to see a Finger Puppet Show.

Jenni Desmond HYF Workshop

Beech Class

Beech Class welcomed Kev S Sutherland into school, writer and artist for The Beano, Marvel and many other comics.  Kev spent an afternoon with the class to produce their own comic!  Children also took part in squash workshops.

Cedar Class

Cedar Class took part in an art and technology workshop at Henley Youth Centre to make a moving toy or automata using a mixture of pre-made parts, craft materials and random bits and pieces, which bursts into life at the turn of a handle.  The workshops were sponsored by Henley Decorative Fine Art Society and were run by Steve Guy from Fire the Inventor.  Some of the finished toys will be on display at the Youth Centre on 14-16th March. Children also took part in squash workshops in the school hall and visited the Christ Church Centre for a workshop and Kenton Theatre to see a performance of ‘The Tempest’ by the Young Shakespeare Company.