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16th June, 2014

Eight hours east of Henley by Jumbo jet.
Our first stop after taking off from Heathrow is Dubai. It is a small Emirate in the United Arab Emirates and would be practically all desert but for the efforts of all the foreign workers who have built the parks and cities. It is exceedingly rich as a result of being at the centre of lots of old trading routes. It looks very modern with lots of tall skyscrapers and fancy hotels but it still feels like being in a desert once you styep outside. It is 42 degrees Centigrade outside today!


18th June, 2014

Today I visited the Burj Khalifa, the world’s tallest Skyscraper (829.8m high). We went up to the viewing gallery on the 126th floor in a very fast elevator that took 50 seconds. I was lucky to keep my fur on!

I got lots of funny looks from people who had never seen a badger before (you don’t find them in living the Middle East).