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Congratulations Mrs Greenwood on your Best Teacher Nomination!

Mrs Greenwood has been nominated for the Best Teacher in Henley Award 2019 and we are all delighted!

Below are the reasons she has been nominated:

Mrs Greenwood has made such a difference to my sons enjoyment of school. She has worked tirelessly to support him and differentiate work to meet his needs. Her honesty, integrity and gregarious attitude has also helped me to remain positive about the difficulties he has. She is a great and inspiring teacher!

Mrs Greenwood is an exceptional Reception teacher. From the very start of term, she has made families feel welcome by taking the time to visit each family individually in their home before the children started school. As someone with a background in education, I was worried no teacher would live up to the ideals I had hoped for, however I have been so relieved to observe her relaxed yet deliberate and meaningful, child-led approach and the effect that has had on my daughter. I have also been particularly impressed with her (and the whole school’s) openness to progressive ideas, a far cry from the dogma of many teachers and institutions. Thank you, Mrs Greenwood for making our transition to school an easy and enjoyable one.

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