The Value for this term is:

Cedar Class Homework – Week 4

Reading – Please keep up the reading. Reading diaries will be checked this Friday and we are desperate to hand out some more FREE books


Spellings – Please learn the next 20 words from the year 5 and 6 or year 3 and 4 spellings list for a test on Monday afternoon

T 2.4 – spelling words


Topic – A more general homework related to being environmentally friendly has been asked for this week.
When you have finished this task, ask yourself two questions:

  • Have I learnt anything?
  • Am I proud of my effort?

If your answer if yes to these questions, your homework task is complete.


French – Madame Orlando from Gillotts joined us on Wednesday in class and we started to learn the months of the year in French. Please practice the months and draw relevant pictures to accompany each one.

Months of the year in French