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I’m A Spring Chicken…

Watch new life emerging right before your very eyes in the Badgemore Chicken House.

Day 7:

During the last few days, the chicks have taken several short holidays to Badgemore children’s house. Here are a few pictures of their stay last night.


The eggs were laid 28 days ago (end of February) and hatched on Wednesday 22nd March.


Clara and the chick!

Look at me, I’m driving a truck!


Time to study!




Day 4:

Less than two days old and the chicks have already moved house! Their new house has a large patio door (sealed), great light and ample space to stretch their legs.

Audrey, Freya and Mrs P caring and nurturing as always.

What a smile Ollie!

Removal day!

Beatrice, you can’t take him home yet…


Day 3: 

4:32 – 6 chicks!

12:02 – “So Cute!” chipped in Beatrice, “I’ve just watched one hatch!”

We now have four chicks!

11:32 – Number 3 – we must start giving them names soon!

8:10 am –  We have two baby chicks!

Ruby commented that the chicks were cute, but had funny looking feet.

Day 2:

According to Beatrice and Clara, four or five have started to ‘wobble.’

Michael has taken this picture showing a slight crack in one of the eggs (you will need to look very carefully).

Day 1:

10 eggs were delivered in a egg box today.

No visible activity YET in the incubator


Day 1: No activity YET in the hatching box – but it is ready!