The Value for this term is:

Last Tuesday, a team from Shiplake College joined Cedar Class to participate in a fun-filled Enterprise day.

Mr White and his two able assistants, Matthew and Christian, started the day with a team building activity that immediately developed strong bonds in the newly-formed year 5/6 class. The children were provided with a limited supply of spaghetti, string, tape and a marshmallow and the challenge was to build the ┬átallest structure. Judging by the concentration and huge smiles on the children’s faces, they all loved it.

Following this starter, the main focus of the day was introduced – the design, development and promotion of a new flip-flop. ┬áThe ideas were varied and certainly eye-catching. Each team selected one design to take forward and then they focused on producing and marketing that product.

By the end of the day, each team had produced an advertising poster, an advert and the finished flip-flop ready to wear.

A big thank you to Mr White, Christian, Matthew and Shiplake College for making the day so enjoyable and educational.