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In celebration of World Soil Day,  Friday 5th December, our whole school began ‘The Badgemore Soil Project’. In order to develop the biodiversity of our school we have started to test the soil within our school grounds. We are hoping to find out which plants will grow the best in the different types of soil around our beautiful, forest school environment. If we grow happy and healthy plants we believe that our school will look better and hopefully we can start to grow some of our own fruit, vegetables and herbs.


We were also very lucky to have been gifted a Rowan tree in celebration World Soil Day, 2014. The British Soil Science Society selected thirty school to give a tree to, and we were one of them. Dr Tom Sizmur, from The University of Reading, came to plant the tree with us. He is a soil and earthworm specialist and was able to answer all of our interesting questions. The tree is now located at the rear end of the school playing 1