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Awesome Orcas Adopted
A big thank you to Diesel , year 5, and his family who have facilitated the adoption of Springer the Orca. Read his story below:


Why my sister and I adopted orcas for our school


Recently I adopted two silverback gorillas named Mugaraka and Chimanuka; my sister also adopted two lions names Sinbad and Achee.

They are all rescued,monitered and protected by the Born Free Foundation.

We asked our mum if we could adopt an animal for our school as we love to help the animals and wanted to spread how important the Born Free Foundations work is.

My sister and I chose an elephant family and an orca and her calf. To finally decide between the two, we had a vote at school and the orcas won.

So now Badgemore primary school are the proud adopters of Springer and her calf spirit.

With the adoption pack the school has received a cuddly Springer who will now visit the classroom of the class with the best attendance weekly.

The Born Free Foundation will send updates on springer to our school throughout the year.

Here is Springer and Spirits story so far…….



Springer lost her mother when just a baby. She was found disorientated, swimming near Seattle, USA, too small to survive alone. Thankfully she was identified by her unique calls and reunited with her family pod near Vancouver Island, Canada. The entertainment industry wanted to keep her in captivity, but she was rescued and reunited with her wild family pod.

She now swims free and recently gave birth to a calf of her own. Springer and her calf Spirit are monitored and kept safe by Dr Paul Spong and his colleagues at Orcalab. Born Free has supported this work since 1994.

By Diesel Slade-Stevens

Badgemore school

Year 5 Cedar class