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Online Payments

All you need to know about SCOPAY

 Online Payments

We use the School Cash Office (SCO) on-line payment system

  • To order and pay for lunches
  • To book and pay for Breakfast and After School Clubs
  • For parental payments to school activities, trips, school ties, and the like

You need an access code to use the system. Please contact the School Office if you do not have a code. Office.2513@badgemore.oxon.sch.uk

The link to the online payment system is:  www.scopay.com

 Information about lunches, Breakfast and After School Club on SCO 

Lunch SCOPAY InformationBreakfast Club and After School Club SCOPAY Information

 Childcare Vouchers

We accept childcare vouchers for our Breakfast and After School Club.  Please contact the School Business Manager if you wish to use vouchers. 

 We can not take vouchers for other payments such as lunch, uniform and trips.