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End of the School Year

Wow, I cannot believe that once again we are drawing close to the end of another amazing School Year. It has been a challenging year with the pandemic however, our pupils, staff and school community have all pulled together and we have been able to provide a safe learning environment for our pupils. We have overcome home schooling and worked within the guidelines to still provide the very best for our pupils to thrive. It makes me incredibly proud of each pupil who has been on this journey, and I am very excited to see them back in September as they move into their next year with a growth mindset in place ready to embrace any challenges that we may face.

This is also an exciting time for our Year 6 students, who’s time at Bademore Primary is drawing to an end, they have all had an incredible journey and we all wish them the very best for the future as they take the steps into a new life milestone and start their new school



Tim Hoskins