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GSW Test

Cricket! Badgemore Broncos

Badgemore Broncos faced the Danesfield Dragons first. A strong partnership between Szymon & Ivan yielded lots of boundaries with a powerful innings from Cecily adding to our total of 53 runs. 


When we went into the field, we stopped Danesfield scoring by bowling & catching two of their strongest batsmen out, finally winning the match. 


Heights Heros made it very hard for us to score many runs, after they set a very high lead to beat. But Badgemore courage showed through and although we didn't win we came back for our 3rd match with plenty of confidence. 


Amy found the boundary against a strong fielding team from Sacred Heart and our runs started to add up. Erin's bowling meant we didn't give away any points for no-balls or wides. It was a close match, but Sacred Heart just beat us.

-Badgemore Broncos