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Choosing the right school for you and your child.

When looking at different school and the options available to you it can seem overwhelming and a  difficult decision; schools are mini communities, each with their own ethos, vision and culture and children are individuals, often suited to one school more than another. 

It is important, therefore, to be able to make an informed choice about potential schools and to be able to ask questions and to see first-hand what different schools can offer your child.

For this reason Badgemore offers parents individual appointments with the Headteacher when visiting our school, including a tour of the school and grounds, giving you the opportunity to see the school on a normal working day and to meet staff and our children. You will have the chance to ask questions or request further information. 

Each year we admit children as rising five year olds – these children are admitted in September during the year in which they turn five. The maximum intake allowed is 30.

We also have in-year transfers admissions; from families who would like their child to move to Badgemore during the school year and for those families who have moved into the area and would like their child to attend a school in their new town. 

How to apply for a place at our school

Parents who wish to speak to someone about a place in school for their child should contact the OCC School Admissions Team, or call them on 01865 815 175.

Pupils are admitted to Badgemore Primary School in accordance with the Oxfordshire County Council Policy.

If you would like to visit our school first, please use the form below before contacting the OCC School Admission Team.

Catchment Area

The school serves the catchment area of North Henley, including the villages of Lower and Middle Assendon. We also welcome children from outside this area subject to space being available.

Applications to the school are given priority as listed below:

  • Children living within the catchment area
  • Children who already have siblings at our school
  • Children who attend Badgemore Pre-School
  • Children from outside the catchment area

Parents have the right to appeal to an independent panel against any school admission decision.

Arranging a Visit 

Please complete our contact form below to arrange a visit with our Headteacher.

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