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The Green Team

Badgemore's own team for raising awareness of environmental issues


The Green Team are thrilled to announce that Badgemore has achieved the first target on the way to becoming a Plastic Free School.

We have identified 3 single use plastics that we intend to eliminate from school:

  • cling film
  • single use plastic bottles 
  • single use plastic bags

Now we need your help!

Every first Wednesday of the month will be plastic free lunch day. Our first plastic free Wednesday will be Wednesday October 5th. On that day, if your child(ren) brings in a packed lunch, please try to avoid:

  • cling film
  • plastic sandwich bags 
  • single use plastic bottles

The Green Team will be monitoring lunch boxes on that day. Every child who brings in a lunch box with none of the 3 single use plastics, will earn a house point.

Alternatives you can use:

  • tin foil 
  • paper
  • compartmentalised lunch boxes with no waste
  • cloth, washable sandwich wrappers (video on how to make your own)
  • re-useable drink bottles

Please give it a go and join in!

So why are we doing this?

Click here to view a message from Plastic Free School who have inspired Badgemore to make these positive changes. 

Below is a message from last term’s Green Team


 We hope you can help us!

New Team Members

A warm welcome to this year's current Green Team. Thank you to all the children who put themselves forward. We are blown away with the number of children that welcome these positive changes to their school. 

Other news


The Green Team have also been busy labelling 3 bins in each class for:

  • food waste
  • recycling
  • general

We are trying very hard to encourage children to take care of resources and not create rubbish in the first place. 

Next Steps

In future we will be looking at other areas where we can reduce plastic and will be contacting politicians and businesses to persuade them to do more.

Watch this space!