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GSW Test

Equality Plan


Equality strand


How will the impact of the action be monitored?

Who is responsible for implementing?

Success indicators


Publish and promote the Equality Plan through the school’s website and newsletter

The ‘Parent Voice’ will be asked for feedback about the publication of the Plan


All staff are familiar with the principles of the Equality Plan and use them when planning lessons, creating classroom displays Parents are aware of the Equality Plan

Gender Equality Duty

Decrease the number of behaviour incidents involving boys

The Headteacher will use the data to assess the impact of the school’s response to incidents.


The number of boys involved in behaviour incidents will decrease to a comparable level with the girls


Celebrate diversity in the school’s the wider community. Promote diverse community engagement. Ensure that all stakeholders are aware of the School’s commitment to gender equality.

The ‘Parent voice’ will asked for level of engagement in the school


All stakeholders are committed to gender equality


Ensure that the curriculum promotes role models that young people positively identify with, which reflects the school’s diversity in terms of race, gender and disability. 

Increase in pupil’s participation, confidence and achievement levels

Subject Leaders/ Class teachers

Notable increase in participation and confidence of targeted groups