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Norfolk Lakes Day 4

Quote of the Day: 

Teacher: Are you looking forward to going home?

Cedar Class Pupil: Well, yeah…I can’t wait to get back on my technology.

We are coming home tomorrow (Friday at around 5:30pm depending on traffic), but there is not the usual last night excitement or desperation about returning home that we have seen on previous residentials . Of course, the hugs each child will give as they come off the coach will be lovely and very tight, but I think it is a testament to the children that they could stay longer and would still be happy.

We have all had a great time and the children have coped being away from home exceptionally well. Each child has pushed themselves out of their comfort zone and risen to many, many challenges. New relationships have been made; children now have a new respect for each other’s abilities and are a tighter group who communicate better as a unit.

This morning was sailing which was brilliant fun despite the distinct lack of wind – hence the paddles in some of the pictures


We have 18 boys on our trip and they have all been fantastic, but our 7 girls have been hilarious and helped make this residential so special. These pictures are not typical of some of our girls, but you know that!

Canoeing was fun. The wind picked up (at the completely wrong time), but it just made us work together.