The Value for this term is:

On Tuesday 28th June, Cedar Class (and Ines) walked to Gillotts to participate in the annual Outdoor Athletics competition. Valley Road and Sacred Heart joined us on a cool afternoon in Henley.

The format for this year’s event had changed slightly to promote participation, so all children were given an opportunity to participate in any event they wished to try. This had an amazing freeing effect on the Badgemore children who showed confidence and resilience to try as many sports as they could.

Some particular highlights include Ciara running the 600m. Despite struggling with the speed after the first 300m, she refused to give up and finished with huge cheers from the crowd. Tobias and Ashlyn won their respective 100m races, Matias came second in the 600m race and year 6 boys and year 5 girls came second in their 100m relay races.

Badgemore children’s growth mindset was epitomised ¬†when every single Badgemore child volunteered to race in the 100m race. This was further exemplified by Molly who ran in every race available to her (600m, 200m and the 100m), without much chance between events to catch her breath.

Badgemore children were just amazing as we have now come to expect!