The Value for this term is:

Whole School ‘Ocean’ Homework

Between 7th and 15th March, Badgemore will be actively and, on times, energetically participating in The Henley Youth Festival. For those of you who are new to the festival, it is just brilliant! The activities are so diverse, fun and educational. As far as I am aware there are no other events like it anywhere else in the UK. Details will be coming out shortly to share the events the children are doing in school time.

Each year, there are several competitions for the children to enter and the whole school homework this year is to create an entry for one competition. The competitions include:

  • The Art and Film Competition
  • The Cartoon Competition
  • The Writing Competition

The theme is ‘Oceans’ and your entry must be connected to this in some way.

Possible ideas – although we don’t want you to feel limited to these – let your creativity run wild!

  • A picture/ painting linked to the oceans
  • a model of a sea creature/ device that floats
  • artwork focusing on the plastic pollution issues
  • something linked to the water cycle
  • a film about water
  • writing a story about an adventure at sea

We hope you enjoy this creative homework.

HYF Competition Poster