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The Sleepover Adventure
On Friday 18th May 2018, year 3 and 4 arrived at school between 5:30 and 6:30pm for a sleepover.
First, we had to make our beds and then we went to the hall to play it.
After that, we went outside and played sardines, camouflage and 40/40 then went to toast marshmallows by the firepit. We went to play some games for 10 minutes and then went inside to have a drink and a biscuit while we watched the BFG.
When it got darker, we went outside to use the telescope, we saw a star and the moon. We came back inside and put on our pyjamas then watched a bit more of the film.
At 10 o’clock it was time for bed so we brushed our teeth and read a book. The next day, we had breakfast and watched a little bit more of the BFG, then it was the end of the sleepover.
By Kyle (Year 3)