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Sunshine, summer fair, sports day … such fun!


What a super time of year this is – the sun has remembered how to shine (although as I write this, the sun has, inevitably, disappeared!) and there are so many school events to look forward to.  Taking the whole school to Whipsnade Zoo tomorrow will be absolutely fabulous – giving children the opportunity to learn in different environments is so important as well as being enormously enjoyable.  The children may wear trainers instead of school shoes and please remember to pack a sunhat, sunscreen and plenty of water – it looks like it will be a lovely day.

Whipsnade Zoo

Whipsnade Zoo

Our Summer Fair is on Saturday, with an international theme to tie in with a small football tournament that I hear is going on somewhere at the moment!  For one day only, the children (and the adults!) may bring their Panini cards into school for trading and I have the feeling that will be one of our busiest stalls this year!  I plan to hang out by the Pimms tent and avoid any wet sponges on the Splat the Teacher stall, although I suspect the children will find me!  I hope you are all planning to make the most of the opportunity to dress up for the day – there are prizes, remember!  And don’t forget to bid in the auction for the chance for your child to be Headteacher for a day – I’m quite looking forward to having a day off …  Many thanks to those of you who have offered to help but if you haven’t managed to sign up yet there’s still time, look for the rotas which are up in the playground at the beginning and end of the school day.  Look out, also, for Sally who is selling raffle tickets in advance of the Fair – we have had some truly amazing donations for prizes this year, including a 32″ LED television from Tesco, who are also loaning us equipment for our Pimms tent on the day.  So many local businesses have been very generous and the children will be very busy writing thank you cards next week!

It was lovely to welcome our new families into school yesterday and to watch our future Acorns having such a lovely time playing and making new friends in the Foundation Stage.  One or two families who came yesterday hadn’t previously visited our school and I was very pleased to give them a tour; the reaction when people look around our beautiful grounds is always so positive, everyone is amazed by how much space we have and how tranquil and inviting our forest is.  If you weren’t able to make the initial meeting yesterday we look forward to welcoming you and your child at their next visit next week, and if anyone would like to come and meet with Mrs Basher or myself prior to that please make an appointment through the school office – we are happy to accommodate parents and families at a more convenient time.

We have been talking to the children about respectful and positive learning attitudes and are encouraging them to come into school with their ‘learning heads’ already in place!  To succeed at this they have been asked to stop talking when the bell rings and to walk, like ladies and gentlemen, to their line and come into school silently.  You should notice a significant drop in noise when the bell rings at 8.50am!  Hopefully the children will collect their belongings without talking and line up ready to walk in silently with their teacher; in this way they come into school quietly and quickly and have their ‘learning head’ in place when they sit down in their classroom!  We know you will want to support us with this so it would be a good idea to say your goodbyes before they line up so that they aren’t tempted to talk to you on the way in!  Sometimes, it’s the small things that make the difference …

Everyone enjoys celebrating success and at school we hold our celebration assembly on Friday afternoon.  Traditionally teachers have nominated one child from their class as their ‘Star of the Week’ for achievement in the classroom, on the playground or with something that the class group or an individual has been working towards.  Your child may have brought home a Star of the Week certificate already this year.  This term, in addition to the teacher nomination, the children now also have the opportunity to nominate a class member as Star of the Week for something which they feel a particular individual may have achieved.  Recognition by their peers is so much more meaningful for the children and the ability to recognise others’ strengths and achievements is a trait we are keen to develop across the school.  It’s also lovely to celebrate achievement and success that happens outside of school – for example, one of our Year 5 children has been selected by her swimming club to represent her team at an event in Germany in December, which is a remarkable achievement!  We are proud of our children whatever they achieve and are always happy to hear about and celebrate good news, so do tell us when they are doing well with their activities outside of school so that we can share their success.

I’m off to find some fancy dress for Saturday – oooooo, what to choose?  Such fun!  Look forward to seeing you there …