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Sports Day 2018

The Badgemore Sports Day shows the school doing what it does best – being a community. The older children supported the younger children in the morning: setting up the course and always encouraging. The lunch was just fantastic – with over half the parents and carers joining the children and staff for a picnic – the community spirit rocked!
In the afternoon, all of the houses vocally supported their own competitors, but the attitude to those who struggled was truely admirable. There were not many dry eyes when classmates helped Tom over the line after the Head Boy slipped and twisted his ankle during his race.

This is one of the many reasons Badgemore is special to its pupils, parents and staff.

As Badgemore travel through tough obstacles to get to sports day,  the children have become more active. Unfortunatley,they now have to race against other teams to see who wins. At Badgemore, we are very competitive and are all up for winning. The houses we have are: Daintree, Amazon,Seqouia and Sherwood.

Written By Shannon yr6 and Diesel yr5

Attached  down below are some photos of children racing,getting ready and taking breaks please enjoy this arrangement of photos.