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Sailing Down to Boatique

The Boatique Adverts

On Thursday the 25th of January, some year 5&6 children from Badgemore Primary School visited Boatique on Friday Street to present their work to the owner. The children had been creating adverts to help advertise Boatique.

Some of the advertisements are now on display in the shop window. Please feel free to go down and have a look. The winner who was chosen by Jules was Beatrice Fraser, age 10. This can be seen on the A-Frame.

Boatique is a lovely elegant shop, selling products such as: scented candles (House of Bluebells), some fascinating outdoor/indoor wear; some luxurious bath and body products, produced by a company called Michel and some amazing art designs, as well as, some comfy cushions with breath taking designs and patterns.

“It was a great experience and wonderful for the children to work with the community,” said Mr Hoskins, the year 6 teacher.

By Shannon Pitt

Age 10