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Rowing Across The Atlantic

Over 3000 miles, more than 60 days and sometimes rowing for 24 hours non-stop… And he did it because he wanted a challenge. Neither his brother, Dominc, or Crispin were experienced rowers – in fact Dominic had not even rowed at sea before he started the row to the Americas.



As part of the children’s Ocean and Seas topic, we welcomed Crispin Comonte into school today to share stories from his incredible journey across the Atlantic. He gave an insight into the challenges they faced including: hurricanes, sharks and complete exhaustion.

Amelia, year 6 said,”He inspired me to think bigger and challenge myself in the future. I’ve always wanted to be in the Olympics and he has made me realise that if I work hard enough I might have a chance.”

“I hope all the children realise that life needs to be lived. People do achieve astonishing dreams and we can too!” added Mr Hoskins, Assistant Headteacher.

Check out his presentation below:

Crispin’s Incredible Journey