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Parkour Leaps Into Badgemore

It is fantastic to see what the pupils what the pupils of the local primary schools in Henley-On-Thames have achieved in the Henley Youth Festival this year.

The festival kicked off on Saturday with the fun run where lots of children competed. The following day was The Proms at Shiplake College. After that, the activities have started to move into the schools.

On Monday, Badgemore Primary School took part in a sport called parkour. To those who don’t know what parkour is, it is an activity which involves moving rapidly through an area and negotiating obstacles by running, jumping and climbing. It is a great sport because it helps people overcome their fears of heights and long jumps.

Caitlin, aged 10 said that it was challenging, but fun.

“It was great to see the children learning new skills from an expert parkour-ist in his field,” added Mr Hoskins, the year five and six teacher from Badgemore.

There are lots of activities organised by HYF coming up in the next two weeks for pupils in local primary schools.


Written by Harry, aged 10