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Pupil Premium and LAC
(Looked after Children)

Pupil Premium Funding Report 2015-2016

Pupil Premium Strategy Statement update Jan 17

There are currently 21 pupils in school entitled to pupil premium funding (£1320 per pupil) and 5 children entitled to LAC funding (£1900 per pupil). Additional funding for vulnerable pupils should be directed towards strategies or interventions which directly benefit and raise the academic achievement or social and emotional wellbeing of these pupils. This year, pupil premium and LAC funding will be directed towards the following:

  • Improving quality first-wave teaching to ensure a consistently good or better learning experience for all of our pupils
  • Booster sessions for maths and Literacy after school, delivered by a qualified teacher
  • Personal, social and emotional support from a qualified TA and/or the school counsellor
  • Whole-school training with a focus on delivering effective, timely feedback
  • Whole-school training in strategies identified through the EEF toolkit, where required
  • Extra-curricular activities, including external clubs and organisations where appropriate
  • Educational visits off-site

Further information about pupil premium spending this year can be found in the Spending Strategy and Action Plan, above.

The school uses the Sutton Trust EEF toolkit to identify the most effective strategies to support all pupils but with a particular focus on those pupils who are most vulnerable and for whom the pupil premium funding is designed. One of the most effective strategies in terms of ensuring more rapid progress for pupils is consistent, high-quality and carefully targeted feedback delivered during and following lessons; whole-school training on this subject has already taken place and additional training will take place throughout this year. Other effective interventions already in place include oral language interventions, such as the Talk for Writing programme in place across the school and the TalkBoost intervention in place in FS and KS1, and collaborative learning, which which is currently a focus in KS2. More information about all of these interventions can be found by following the link to the EEF website, available below.

You will find below a number of links to other sites where a wealth of information is available to parents with regard to pupil premium funding. Additionally, staff in school are always keen to answer any questions you may have. Contact details can be found on the Homepage of the website.

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