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First steps: Foundation Stage

The curriculum framework from birth to five years is called the Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS). The EYFS looks at the whole child. It covers six areas of learning including a child’s physical, intellectual, social and emotional development.

The Foundation Stage is based on six key areas of learning:

  1. personal, social and emotional development
  2. communication, language and literacy skills
  3. mathematical development
  4. knowledge and understanding of the world
  5. physical development
  6. creative development

Your child’s time with us in the Foundation Stage should prepare them for the rest of their time in school. We hope to make it enjoyable and, at the same time stimulate their learning.

Children enter Foundation Stage in the year in which they reach their fifth birthday.  By the time your child enters school, they will have begun to learn many skills. We aim to build on your child’s previous experiences at home and in an Early Years environment.

Using a more formal lesson format than at pre-school, the Foundation year offers a sound preparation for the more structured routine that follows in Year 1. This is balanced with a play-based curriculum where children can learn in a stimulating and secure environment.

We facilitate lessons using both indoor and outdoor areas, including Forest School, and have an excellent staff-to-child ratio. We focus on ensuring that children are challenged to achieve their maximum potential by providing them with the tools to explore, create, question and investigate.