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Governing Body

Badgemore School, like every school, has a Governing Body consisting of various categories of unpaid governors (including parents, teachers, the local authority, and the community). Our Full Governing Body meets in full session at least four times a year.

Elected governors serve a four-year term of office, which can be renewed after this period. The Chair of Governors is elected annually. Any parent having a child in school is eligible for nomination as a Parent Governor.

While the headteacher is responsible for day-to-day management of the school and is a member of the Governing Body, the Governing Body as a whole is responsible for raising school standards through three key duties:

  • Setting strategic direction
  • Ensuring accountability for results
  • Acting as a critical friend to the school Head and other staff


We have two Governor Focus Groups, (GFGs) which each meet several times a year in addition to the full Governing Body.

  • Standards & Performance GFG
  • Resources GFG

They deal with finance, the quality of teaching & learning, development of the school premises and marketing of the school.

All children have talents and skills. Our role is to ensure the school has the resources available to enable those talents and skills to be discovered and developed, enabling each child to fulfil their potential and achieve success.

Members of the Governing Body


Governor Information 2017-2018
Name Type of Governor Term of Office Name of Appointing or Electing Body Committee
Mr Kevin Jacob Parent (Chair) 01/12/14 – 30/11/18 Parents/carers All
Mr Anthony Charlton Co-opted 07/11/17 – 07/11/21 GB Resources
Mr Bill Feeney Co-opted 13/09/15 – 12/09/19 GB Resources
Mr Anthony Frankel Co-opted 02/11/15 – 01/11/19 GB Resources
Mr Stefan Gawrysiak Local Authority 01/06/14 – 01/06/18 OCC LA N/A
Mrs Fiona Lloyd Co-opted 09/12/13 – 08/12/17 GB S&P
Mr Tim Hoskins Staff 01/01/18 – Staff S&P
Mr Ian Massey Co-opted 01/10/15 – 30/09/19 GB S&P
Mrs Prudence Sly Parent 25/04/16 – 24/04/20 Parents/carers Resources
Mrs Marion Arnold Headteacher 01/09/17 – Ex officio All
Mrs Kristen Weatherby Co-opted 12/10/15 – 11/10/19 GB S&P
Mrs Melissa Perisce Parent 15/01/18 – 18/01/22 Parents/carers TBC
Ms Selina Craig Co-opted 19/03/18 – 19/03/22 GB TBC
Mr Tauquir Ahmad Associate 05/11/17 – 04/11/21 GB N/A
Mrs Helen White Clerk 01/09/2017 – GB N/A


Standards and Performance GFG
Ian Massey (Chair)
Kevin Jacob
Fiona Lloyd
Marion Arnold
Tim Hoskins
Kristen Weatherby


Resources GFG
Anthony Charlton (Chair)
Bill Feeney
Anthony Frankel
Kevin Jacob
Pru Sly
Marion Arnold


Previous Governors
Name Type of Governor Term of Office Name of Appointing or Electing Body Date of Resignation (if applicable)
Miss Emilie Mason Staff 10/05/16 – 9/05/20 Staff 31/12/17 Left school
Ms Jacky Steele Headteacher 01/04/14 –31/08/17 Ex officio 31/8/17 Left School
Mr Tauquir Ahmad Parent 05/11/13 – 04/11/17 Parents/carers 5/11/17 Converted to Associate Member
Mr Anthony Charlton Parent 11/11/13 – 10/11/17 Parents/carers 11/11/17 Converted to Co-Opted

Please call the school office on 01491 575665 or email the school office at if you would like to join the Governing Body or would like to contact them.