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Norfolk Lake – Day 5 – The Circle is Complete

This last week, we have failed more times than we succeeded. But each time we failed we learnt and took a stride closer to that moment’s goal: those goals were even better for the previous failures.

This may seem overly negative, but when we consider the week we have experienced it emphasizes the tremendous learning curve we have been on. This week, children have learnt to stand and paddle on a GSUP, ties knots to build a raft that carries 12 people, carry (without spilling) a cup of water around a rope course, paddle a kayak, paddle a canoe, sail a boat, work together to complete initiative exercises, live together, organise clothes for the week and so much more. Rarely did an event go smoothly, but nor would it when anyone is introduced to so many alien activities. All children (and adults – lets not pretend we are perfect) have had to deal with failure, but it is how we learn to deal with this that can be so life changing.


If we can pick ourselves up after falling, we can succeed at Badgemore.

Cedar Class,

It has been a pleasure to learn with you this week and I am excited about we continue to be resilient this year.

Mr Hoskins

Early morning packing and moving out

Bivouacing on Survival Island

The final activity – The Obstacle Course

(More pictures to come from group 11)

Our return to school: