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May King and Queen Announced

May Day will be taking place at Badgemore Primary School on Friday 26th May. Today the May King and Queen were announced following presentations: your May King and Queen will be Archie  and Tia .

Click to view Archie’s entertaining presentation – May King Presentation – Archie’s speech













Tia’s winning speech:

Hello People of Badgemore,

I have always loved Maypole dancing and dreamed of becoming May Queen ever since I can remember. I have seen generations of past students holding a microphone and give passionate speeches about their love of May Day. 

You’d think writing a speech after hearing them being said so many times would be easy, right? Wrong! Turns o

ut writing a speech is very hard.

My hobbies include Maypole dancing, Maypole dancing organisation, Maypole dancing preparation and teaching teachers how to Maypole dance. Sounds easy? Maybe not for you, but it is for me! I will try not to sound too bossy, but I will admit that I do like taking charge of the dancing and keeping an eye on other students to reassure that they know what they’re doing.

Thank you for listening to this speech and I hope most of you will vote for me.