The Value for this term is:

Maple Class Homework

Maple Class Homework

Summer 2 2018

Welcome back!

Homework Grid: Homework Grid Summer 2 2018 (click on the link)

-Each grid lasts for half a term, there are 6 activities to complete, in any order

-New grids will be issued each half term

-Children will need to complete one piece of homework per week

-Children must colour in the square that they have completed

-Children will need to submit their homework by Wednesday and the homework book will come back home on Thursday, each week

Mrs Aspinall’s, Mrs Dobson’s and Mrs Godfrey’s Phonics Groups:

Mrs Aspinall’s & Mrs Dobson’s Phonics Group Spellings Summer Term 2 2018 (please click on thelink

Mrs Godfrey’s Phonics Group Spellings Summer Term 2 2018

-Each group will be given a list to practise for each week this half-term

-You can jazz this up by rolling a dice to choose how to practise. E.g. When practising ‘gym’, if you roll 1 on a dice, write ‘gym’ in rainbow letters.

-Each week, these words will be part of a phonics lesson concluding with the children writing sentences containing the weeks’ spellings.

-Children must colour in the square that they have completed

Mrs Urwin’s Spelling Group:

– Mrs Urwin will send home a list of spellings to practise every Thursday

– Children will be tested every Tuesday

Year 2 Maths:

-Please practice times tables in preparation for Year 3!