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From Class Text To Class Film

Clinton Osbourne working with the children from Badgemore Primary School

Pupils of Badgemore Primary School went to an exciting workshop in Henley this week. Why? Because of the Henley Youth Festival.

If I had to rate the workshop from one to ten, I would definitely rate it ten and I will tell why!

The pupils of Badgemore have been studying a class text called Thog’s Journey and it was this story that was animated. There were owls, wolves, trees and bees that came to life in the scenes. The children had to draw, colour and cut out all the pictures. It was amazing to see all the team work in the class and I thought that the teachers were so inspiring. After the workshop, I spoke with several of the participants and they thought it was so fun.

All the pupils enjoyed the day and left with a smile on their face. I highly recommend it to anybody who likes drawing and animation.

Here is the class film:

Thank you Henley Youth Festival!

Year 5
Badgemore Primary School