The Value for this term is:

I broke the photocopier twice this morning so homework was not given out today. Someone more technical than me will do it tomorrow and it will be given in the afternoon.

For now, here it is in digital form:


– Please read actively at least 5 times a week




– Each child has selected their own words this week which will be peer assessed on Monday



Homophones and Modal Verb Practice – Click Here

Grammar Cards – This is a homework that will last for several weeks

Grammar terminology is becoming an important part of the curriculum in Key Stage 2 so we have created a useful tool to aid self-learning. Gillotts School have been using the technique for several years now and have supported us in the development to whom we are thankful.

On the following powerpoint slide show you will find The Grammar revision cards (1).

Instructions for printing revision cards:
1. Download as a powerpoint:
• Click on the document in Google Classroom.
• In the preview that appears, select ‘More actions’ from the options in the top right and click ‘Open in a new window’.
• In this new window, select ‘Download’ from the option in the top right and ‘Save as a powerpoint’.
2. Printing:
• In the powerpoint, select ‘File’ and then ‘Print’.
• Select ‘4 slides horizontal’.
• Select ‘Print on Both sides. Flip pages on short edge’.
If printing at home, try printing the first eight slides first to check that they line up correctly.

Revision Card Guide:

  1. All card start in envelope 1
  2. Read the reverse of the cards and try to identify the terminology on the reverse. If  successful, the card is moved  into envelope 2.
  3. When all cards have been successfully identified and moved into envelope 2, the process is repeated and when successful the cards are moved  from envelope 2 to envelope 3.
  4. When all cards have reached envelope 3, they are returned to envelope 1 and the process starts again.
  5. This time, the terminology is read out by the child and they have to explain the terminology.
  6. When all cards have gone through the process of travelling from envelope 1 to 2 to 3, learning is complete!

The process should take several weeks when it is practised several times during the week.