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Can We Make A Difference?  The Litter Pick

The children of Cedar Class have proposed 5 environmentally-friendly  projects to ‘MAKE A DIFFERENCE’ in our local community.

Project 1: The Litter Pick 

With the support of Mr Weston, the children organised and ran a litter pick in our local park and around the school. Lucas reported that they had found a whole bag of rubbish from the playground and 5 bags from the local park. Thank you to our wonderful parents for your support today.

We have already learnt that plastic takes between 250 and 500 years to decompose – what will this world look like in 500 years? If today’s litter was not picked up, it might eventually end up polluting our oceans.

We have made a difference today, but will we really make a difference in the future? Will you drop litter again? Will you find a bin?

As a reward for all their hard work, the children were given time playing in their now clean park. It was great to see all the children cooperating and having fun.