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Can We Make A Difference? Food Waste

The children asked if there could be a food waste bin in the hall as we throw away lots and lots of food into the general waste every single day!

Our lovely Mrs Casserley (Bursar Extraordinaire) has responded to the children with:

“I have asked Grundon to prepare documentation for a weekly food waste collection.  The cost will be £7.75 per week which works out cheaper than the surcharge we are currently paying for overweight waste bin.  Pupils will need to scrape their food into a specific food waste only bin in the hall and the catering staff will add their waste to it.  I have ordered a bin and kitchen have required bin liners.”

James in year 4 says, “Our old waste bin in the hall is usually full of food. It is great that it will now not just go to add to the landfill which is nearly full anyway.”

Can we make a difference? YES, WE CAN!