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Busy Badgemore Strikes Again!


Busy Badgemore Strikes Again!



Lately at Badgemore Primary School we have been very BEEZY working on different projects to add more to our beautiful environment and protect our delicate wildlife. Our governors have been working very hard in order to make this possible:we have used the money awarded to us by Tesco to get two bee hives and a swarm of gentle bees.

In the back of our field, we are going to install four bee hives, can you BEE-lieve it? We can’t! Our dedicated governor, Tuc Amhad ,has kindly arranged this for us in order to give pupils an opportunity to get an experience on how wildlife lives. Talking about bees, can we just talk about how amazing our (now pregnant with twins) Queen Bey(once) is? But that’s BEEsides the point. ‘Can’t wait for the beehives to arrive, I’m really excited! I also can’t wait to taste the honey that they’ll make’ said Tuc Amhad, the governor organising this all.

We have been PONDERING over the idea for a while now of replacing our old pond and making a bigger and better new one. The outcome for this is again arranged by our wonderful governors and helped by the gardening club members. The teachers are coming up with a sensible plan to make sure the pupils are not harmed. In our old pond we had a successful amount of fantastic creatures, so we are hopefully going to transfer them to our new pond (someone is definitley going to fall in). Hopefully we are going to start a pond dipping club so that pupils can see the outcome from the animal’s perspective and therefore learn more about their wildlife.

In the back of our school field, we have already planted 10 brand new fruit trees which are mainly apples, pears and plums. The children and adults will be both helping take care on these plants altogether. When they are all ripe enough in a couple years, the whole school will pick them. With our fruit we are probably going to use them in various activities; such as cooking, jam -making and of course, eating.

Jacky Steele, our headteacher said ‘I am hugely excited about everything. I can’t wait! There is a lot to think about, but I am over-joyous with all the progress being made.’

All we can do is thank is our lovley members of staff and gardening club for preparing this in order to be able to

observe and study wildlife in our own grounds and arranging such wonderful activities for our pupils.

By Luz ,age 11

and Shannon ,age 9