The Value for this term is:

Badgemore’s Readiness for Home Schooling

As Public Health England have asked schools to close, we believe it is essential that our pupils continue to learn despite the disruption.

Reading responses from the parental readiness questionnaire, we recognise that there will be several challenges including:

  • juggling child-care and work commitments
  • organising educational activities
  • keeping children focused on learning
  • relieving boredom
  • and generally coping with a very difficult and unusual situation

Our guidance to home schooling:

  • Set up a timetable  for the day that gives you and your child(ren) a familiar structure
    • This timetable should include: educational, physical and independent activities.  In addition, it  could include appropriate household chores (such as tidying their room)
    • Here is a sample timetable that is currently being used in a quarantined country:
  • Concentration spans increase as children grow older. It is important to consider attention spans when children undertake activities.
    • A normal attention span is 3 to 5 minutes per year of a child’s age.
      • 5-year-old should be able to concentrate on a particular task for at least 15-25 minutes,
      • 6-year-old – 18-30 minutes
      • 7-year-old – 21-35 minutes
      • 8-year-old – 24-40 minutes
      • 9-year-old – 27-45 minutes
      • 10-year-old – 30-50 minutes
      • 11-year-old – 33-55 minutes

Attention span will be different for some children with Special Educational Needs.

Physical Activities

Getting active whilst self-isolating is vital for mental and physical health. Joe Wick holds a live PE session every morning from 9-9:30am. Click here to view

Motivation and Rewards

We recognise that encouraging children to meaningfully engage in home schooling may be challenging. The school would like to support parents by extending our team point scheme to the home.

Daily Team Points (TP) on Offer: Up to 5 TP per day rewarded for effort not attainment.

Collecting Team Points: All TP will be sent into the class teacher at the end of each home schooling week.

Rewards: The team with the most TP at the end of the home schooling period will be thrown a team party. This will include party games and food (all organised by the school). Each member of the winning team will be entitled to bring an adult of their choice.

Educational Activities provided by the class teacher:

Laurel Class

Maple Class

Beech Class

Cedar Class

Seeking advice during a closure

Teaching staff will be available to guide and support you Monday to Friday between 10-11am* and 2-3pm.

Please contact class teachers on the following email addresses:

Mrs Greenwood –                                     

Mrs Aspinall and Mrs Slade-Nowell – 

Miss Johnson –                                         

Mrs Monks –                                              

*As Mrs Greenwood only works 4 days a week, she will not be available on Monday or Tuesday mornings, but will be available every afternoon between 2-3pm.