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Badgemore’s Blossoming Beekeepers

Henley Herald’s Article:

Children All a Buzz at First Bee Keeping Club

It’s spring so it’s time to check on Badgemore’s bees.

The bees arrived at Badgemore last autumn and it was a particularly challenging winter. Unfortunately, one of family of bees did not survive which generated a new-founded hope that the other would prosper in the early spring.

Today, Badgemore’s first ever beekeeping club kitted up in astronaut-like suits to inpsect the hive. Meghan, Zara, Seb, Hugo, Ella and James can all report that the bees are busy, but calm. ‘I could see the pollen on some of the legs,’ Hugo exclaimed as one landed on his suit.

Here are just a few pictures from our first trip to the end of the field where the bees are living.