The Value for this term is:

Badgemore = Henley = Regatta


“The best trip ever!”

“So cool, well actually it was very hot.”

“I’m going to row at Henley”

Just a few of the many comments overheard during Badgemore’s first ever day out at Henley’s Royal Regatta. When we live in such an amazing place, we should be enjoying these wonderful opportunities…and that is what we did today.

Meeting crews from the most successful rowing club ever: Leander Club, Henley

The Regatta Enclosure:

We were delighted to have received 50 children tickets and 8 adult tickets from The Henley Royal Regatta. For many this was their first time in Stewards, but not their last as we will be making it an annual event.


A huge thank you goes to Pat, Ada’s grandmother who kindly let us use part of her garden on the Regatta course as our picnic destination.


The Transatlantic Challenge

Can you imagine rowing across the atlantic having only 2 hours sleep at a time…for 50 days.

This courageous and clearly resilient group of three will be attempting the incredible challenge in December and our children will be following their progress and communicating with them before they leave and once they arrive in the Caribbean.

We will be supporting their cause by reducing the amount of plactic we use over the 50 day trip. Watch this space!

The Boat House

Where do you head when the day has been long and the sun is beating down? The Henley Royal Regatta Boathouse of course!

We were met with a lovely reception from a rowing coach who crew train on The Mississippi. Not only was he impressed that our young children were attending the Regatta and viewing a wonderful sport, but he thought the children’s behaviour was outstanding. We knew, but of course thanked him.

The coach, Jamie, spoke to the children about his crews’ boat and then told us a Mississippi joke:

What do you get if you cross an old lady with a hippy?

A Mississ-hippy!

Thank you to Lisa, Annette, Tricia, Mrs Jacob, Mrs Nottage and Mrs Wilkinson for your wonderful support.